Some Helpful Tips for My New Blog …

I’m still learning this blog software, but here’s a helpful tip (I lied in the headline … I only know one; not so helpful I guess, but I had to sucker you in): There’s a whole other menu up there in the corner. See those three little dots up there on the right? Click on that and you’ll launch a top menu that includes other navigation, including my most recent posts, comments, my Instagram feed, and my recently added Goodreads ID, where I chronicle the books I currently read.

If you’re viewing this on a tablet or smart phone, the three little dots work the same, but there may also be what is technically known as “the hamburger menu,” which is 3 little boxes stacked on top of each other, like bun-meat-bun. That opens up the sidebar menu next to the title which contains my About page, a link to my old blog, and a “Contact Me” link, which lets you send me a real, live email. And I might even respond and email you back … “might” being the operative word.

I know, I know … this is all thrilling news. Contain yourselves.

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